Case Study: Euclidea

Euclidea SpA is a FinTech firm based in Milan, Italy, that is aggressively challenging the status quo in the European Wealth Management space through innovations in Investments, Technology and Marketing. They have created an innovative selection of investment portfolios to match the risk profile of their end customers, who can view and manage their investments online at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

“By leveraging the advanced threat defense technology within ACSIA XDR Plus, we can focus more attention building value into our products and services for our clients”  

Christian Ferranti – Chief Information Officer, Euclidea


As the banking industry moves away from cash and embraces the digital economy, the industry is becoming increasingly exposed to more sophisticated cyberattacks, with cybercriminals ‘following the money’. Securing customers’ personal and financial details is vital for Euclidea in order to provide a reliable financial service, adhere to regulations and maintain our position as a trusted FinTech company.

Criminals are continually innovating new ways to execute internal and external attacks on financial institutions, adopting increasingly intelligent technologies to breach network security. To defend against next-generation cyber risks, and to identify emerging threats early, Euclidea requires in-depth visibility of its’ digital assets at all times.

The company had implemented a number of standard SIEM and event management tools, but over time it found that these were increasingly complex, difficult to use and not integrated into a complete platform. 


After evaluating a variety of security technologies, Euclidia decided to deploy a Proof of Concept to test how ACSIA XDR Plus would operate in a busy financial environment. ACSIA was initially deployed on a small number of servers and it became quickly apparent that the product was identifying and remediating cyber threats which had heretofore been unable to detect. The Proof of Concept was a massive success and ACSIA XDR Plus was quickly rolled out across the company and is considered to be one of the most essential cyberdefense tools in our business. Using ACSIA XDR Plus has enabled Euclidea to detect and remediate unfamiliar threats and zero-day attacks, that would otherwise go unnoticed by legacy systems.

“AutoBan is our go-to functionality – it’s the first thing we review daily and is most heavily utilized by our team. It enables our team to prioritise their work”

Christian Ferranti – Chief Information Officer, Euclidea


The integration and correlation of the multi-layered detection and remediation capabilities in ACSIA XDR Plus was immediately obvious to Euclidea during the Proof of Concept testing. The accuracy of the alerts from the detection engine was refreshingly easy to understand and the automation around remediation was simplicity itself.

Also critical for Euclidea was the real-time alert and remediation capability within ACSIA XDR Plus and the scalability of the product which ensured that we now view ACSIA XDR Plus as a critical part of our cybersecurity defence strategy.

ACSIA XDR Plus review

“We had a great experience using ACSIA XDR Plus from the very start when we deployed it as a Proof of Concept, through to deploying it across our entire infrastructure.” 

Christian Ferranti – Chief Information Officer, Euclidea
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