ACSIA CRA Competitor Benchmarking

ACSIA Cyber Risk Assessment is the tool your business needs to build up your cyber defenses. Our tool examines and documents your company external attack surface, showcasing where issues lie providing comprehensive reports that detail and quantify the risks to your business.

What makes ACSIA Cyber Risk Assessment Different?

Our Cyber Risk Assessment tool gives your business the ability to know and quantify your company’s cyber risk and exposure to attack. ACSIA CRA provides a unbiased outlook on your company cyber posture that can be used for compliance, ISO 27001, cyber insurance and third party vendor analysis.

Visualize & Document Full Security Posture

ACSIA Cyber Risk Assessment offers a complete picture of your business attack surface allowing your team to know what needs fixed or updated. ACSIA CRA quantifies your business risk in an easy to understand cyber risk score with the system helping teams to map out and plan the changes and remediation needed to be secure.

Real-time Cyber Risk Analysis

ACSIA CRA is an innovative tool that takes a company-centered approach to provide a comprehensive, complete map of your business attack surface. Our continuous monitoring utilizes real-time threat intelligence data in a fully automated way.

External Public Attack Surface

In order to combat the fact that external data sources can become outdated, ACSIA CRA performs analysis in real-time within the attack surface, providing continuous, in-depth, and comprehensive results.

Timing to Conduct Risk Assessment

ACSIA CRA always places the company at the center of the analysis we conduct a complementary internal attack surface analysis that is not dependent on external databases. ACSIA CRA can provide continuous analysis where each identified element has a well-defined source.

Collects Threat Intelligence Data

Constantly updated and fully automated,
ACSIA CRA gives your team a way to protect your business in real-time utilizing threat intelligence to provide a comprehensive, complete map of where your business is at risk.

Identifies & Monitors Assets

Do you actually know your network and exposure? ACSIA CRA scans your entire business from users to networks monitoring and detecting where your business is at risk and identifying all associated assets of the business.

Detects & Highlights IT Infrastructure Weak Points

ACSIA CRA looks at your business from the perspective of an attacker putting the spotlight on your companies digital flaws. ACSIA CRA offers an independent assessment of where your business attack surface may be vulnerable to attack.

Historical Benchmark

Using ACSIA CRA on a regular basis allows your business to track and monitor changes and document improvement. Providing a historical view of your business security data allows organisations to run historical benchmarks.

Data Leak & Botnet

ACSIA CRA monitors Data Leak and Botnet. Data relating to the assessed organisation offering in-depth analysis of data leaks and botnets involving the company. Knowing who is exposed and what credentials are out there allows security teams to take the necessary steps to secure the network and users.

Educate and Guide IT Team’s Remediation Activities

Knowledge is power. Our reports inform and guide your team’s cyber security, showing what needs fixed, making remediation approachable and easy to understand. In addition, our team are available to meet with you to go over your ACSIA CRA results focusing on why and how to respond and fix your security issues.

Raises Business Security Awareness and Risk Consciousness

Using our platform helps to build a security culture in a business allowing all staff to know what to watch out for and if their information is exposed. ACSIA CRA gives your team visibility of where the business may be at risk online.

Visibility of Vulnerabilities Mapped to Security Frameworks

ACSIA CRA provides detailed reports and intuitive dashboards that offer clear visibility into the security posture and areas in need of improvement. Our reports are mapped to the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST Security Framework.

Focus on Compliance

ACSIA CRA provides independent detailed reports with clear risk scores that can be used for many aspects of compliance including ISO certification, GDPR compliance and Cyber Insurance requirements. ACSIA CRA is also an essential tool for third party vendor risk management.

Intuitive Dashboards

ACSIA CRA provides detailed reports and intuitive dashboards that offer clear visibility into the security posture highlighting areas in need of improvement.

Actionable and Realistic Reports

Constantly updated in real-time, ACSIA CRA has less outdated assets, less hypothesis, providing accurate fact based results allowing your business to eliminate false positives.

Competitive Pricing

Your subscription to ACSIA CRA gives you full access to all the product features and we offer various pricing plans and price options to accommodate a variety of budgets and business needs. Dectar believes in making accessible solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Our team would be happy to show you how ACSIA CRA
can help you and your business to defend against cyber
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