A single interface for real-time threat intelligence cybersecurity

ACSIA XDR Plus™ offers predictive and proactive cyberdefense protection that’s fast to deploy, works in all environments, and automates protection and remediation.

XDR: A new approach for a new reality

Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from the cloud outside of traditional security protections. Even though XDR is still in earlier stages of maturity, customer interest has grown quickly.

XDR delivers centralized detection and incident response capabilities that help uncover complex attacks often missed by point solutions and legacy SIEMs. This is because these are reactive technologies that only notify about cyber threats after they have become active within your perimeter.

XDR introduces a new evolution in threat detection and response. In essence, it picks up where EDR left off, extending detection and response beyond endpoints to include network and cloud environments. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to where applications are hosted and data is stored.

Automated Cyber Security Intelligence Application (ACSIA XDR Plus) was developed entirely by Dectar™.

  1. A next gen XDR with clear differentiation in the market.
  2. A mature product (currently version 4.x) developed with open-source technologies.
  3. Cloud native and container aware, with integrated Kubernetes orchestration.
  4. A fully documented API is available for custom integrations.

Only ACSIA XDR Plus delivers real-time correlation of events across all domains to:

  • Obfuscate your environment from cybercriminals
  • Stop pre-attack reconnaissance and information gathering
  • Use kernel and registry-level detection to prevent zero day attacks
  • Offer multi-layered XDR detection across all environments

Unlike most XDR solutions, ACSIA™ XDR Plus detects threats early in the kill chain before any damage is done. ACSIA XDR Plus is focused on stopping cyber threats at the pre-attack or preparation phase. With ACSIA XDR Plus, your organisations infrastructure will not be subject to reconnaissance activities, which is why we say, “If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you.”

Post-perimeter security

ACSIA XDR Plus is a ‘post-perimeter’ security tool which complements a traditional perimeter security model. It resides at the application or data layer. It monitors and protects the the platforms (physical/VM/cloud/container platforms) where the data is stored, which are the ultimate target of every attacker.

In sifting through the noise of alerts and keeping pace with a new wave of attacks, security operations work has never been more challenging. Each point solution requires separate management and expertise to operate. This complexity has taken a huge toll on the productivity of security teams. 

Using a combined approach, ACSIA XDR Plus does the grunt work of security analysis – monitoring, analysing, profiling and mitigating cybersecurity incidents. ACSIA XDR Extended Detection and Response solution includes threat intelligence and anti-surveillance protection and consolidates multiple security components into a single detection and response solution and enhances analysts’ efficiency.

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