About Dectar

Dectar is a cybersecurity company that provides solutions that predict, detect, defend and react against cybersecurity threats.

Our solutions are focused on protecting institutions and company infrastructures.

Dectar™ is an innovative European cyber security firm focused on proactively preventing cyberattacks as well as protecting the critical data at the core of every organisation. With offices in Ireland and Italy, the company develops ACSIA XDR Plus™ (Automated Cyber Security Intelligence Application), an Extended Detection and Response solution, that includes Threat Intelligence and Anti-Surveillance protection in our core XDR product. 

First Steps & Original Concept 

After settling in Ireland, the company’s CEO Stefan Umit Uygur founded Dectar back in 2017 together with Donal Kerr. The company was founded with the mission of developing cybersecurity solutions capable of making IT Security more flexible, adaptable and accessible.

Donal Kerr is a business and legal specialist, with extensive experience in Financial Services. At first, Donal was tasked with taking care of the financial aspects of Dectar, later he took on people management, building teams, and recruiting. Before the company was formed officially with the developers, Donal’s home was used for informal meetings, planning, and strategizing. In winter 2017 the Dectar co-founders started officially developing the product that would go on to become ACSIA XDR Plus.

Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions Hit The Market

Dectar has developed a cyberdefense solution to predict and prevent cyberattacks.
Dectar core product, ACSIA XDR Plus (Automated Cyber Security Intelligence Application), takes the Extended Detection and Response solution to the next level via enhanced prediction and prevention capabilities, ultimately hiding and sheltering IT infrastructures from cybercriminals.

Recently a new groundbreaking solution has become available: ACSIA CRA (Cyber Risk Assessment). This innovative prevention tool can assess the cyber posture of a company/institution and spot it’s vulnerabilities before an attack takes place.

The ACSIA products have an unique value proposition and a clear differentiation from the current market solutions in the cybersecurity industry: their primary objective is to predict and prevent, stopping threats from getting anywhere near your digital assets.

Helping Countries by Promoting Cybersecurity

In addition to holding the CEO position at Dectar, Stefan has been collaborating for years as a consultant with the National Cybersecurity Agencies of several countries, including Ireland, Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Stefan is also currently involved in advisory with the National Cyber Security Centre in the Republic of Ireland. Stefan recently testified in the Irish Oireachtas or Senate at the Joint Committee for Transport and Communications discussion on a common vision for cyber security.

CEO of 4Securitas testified in front of the Oireachtas committee on transport and communications regarding cyber vision for Ireland

Our Investors

Dectar was founded by CEO Stefan Uygur and CAO Donal Kerr. Investors include Enterprise Ireland, French cybersecurity services firm iTrust, and Italian investment fund AVM Gestioni.


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Get to Know Our Team

Dectar innovative cyber products are made by a diverse group of experts, united in our mission to transform the cybersecurity industry.

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