XDR: A New Era In Cybersecurity

XDR is an acronym that stands for extended detection and response and is a cybersecurity technology that monitors and mitigates cybersecurity threats.

It is not, by any means, an antivirus. Instead, it is a massive improvement in malware detection and defense capabilities over the previously up and coming endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology.

XDR is the core of Dectar’s offering, via its flagship product ACSIA XDR Plus

XDR is creating a well-deserved slice of the business-to-business cybersecurity industry on its own. That is because it is a big leap forward in terms of capabilities to fend off cyberattacks.

The major concepts behind this differentiation revolve around:

  • Detection of threats in real-time, enhanced
  • Response to cyberattacks at a higher level

One of the main features revolves around the “detection” part. It is now said to be “extended” versus previous technologies such as EDR. 

However, not all companies that state they have true XDR offering can truly provide one!

That sets Dectar apart from the competition, for its flagship product goes beyond the standardized XDR version, as it is indeed called ACSIA XDR Plus.

real time threat detection and response to cyberattacks -Securitas XDR

Why “Plus”? 

Well, that is some remarkable differentiator, for ACSIA XDR Plus can truly:

  • predict threats and spot false positives, saving you lots of time and resources
  • prevent cyberattacks before they take place

Dectar’s solution is capable of blocking any attempt to exfiltrate or encrypt data before they can even start. Cybercriminals won’t be able to find your IT infrastructure. Thus they won’t be able to attack it! 

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