4Securitas cybersecurity solutions based on ACSIA technology
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Dectar develops unique cybersecurity solutions to keep your company IT infrastructure safe.

Our ACSIA technology has unmatched threat prediction and detection capabilities, empowering your team’s ability to defend your organization from cyberattacks.

If cyber criminals can’t find you, they can’t attack you

Preventing security attacks - Dectar


Dectar’s solutions truly predict and prevent cyberattacks to your IT infrastructure. Your company will be able to anticipate cybercriminals’ malicious intentions and fend them off effectively.

Defending against security attacks - 4Securitas


Dectar’s solutions act in real-time, defending your company’s properties from cybercriminals, automating the response to threats in real time.

Reacting against security attacks - 4Securitas


Dectar’s solutions quickly respond and react to verified, real threats, optimizing IT budgets and freeing up your resources.

Take charge of your cybersecurity with Dectar’s innovative solutions & first-class customer support

Dectar’s solutions are unique. Our technology is designed by cybersecurity professionals with a focus on creating software that utilizes threat intelligence to stop attacks at the key phase – before the attack happens.
Our solutions are focused on protecting small and large businesses’ infrastructure and are designed and developed to allow full scalability for any business, from smaller companies to large enterprises.
Our ACSIA SOS platform automates responding to threats, reducing your IT team’s workload, allowing teams to focus their time on reacting to real threats.
ACSIA SOS reduces the number of tools your team needs to manage, resulting in better use of your IT budget and resources.

Where we’re from & where we are headed

Founded and developed in Europe, our cybersecurity solutions are a unique alternative in the crowded cybersecurity industry. In fact, our offer is fully ‘made in the EU’. At the same time, we are bringing cybersecurity to the attention of European institutions and leaders through the commitment of our personnel and, in particular, our CEO.

Spreading the word about cyber-related challenges and officially advising the governments of Ireland, Italy, and the UK, among others, is part of our mission to change the European cyber-ecosystem once and for all. Autonomy, security, and freedom can all be obtained through the necessary development of an advanced cyber landscape


Dectar works with our clients to get the best out of our products. We empower our clients to stay engaged and active company defenders.


Our team is here to support businesses as they navigate their cyber journey. Our first class support is here to help your team keep your company safe.


Our products are developed and built in Europe, putting data protection and compliance first. We are proud to be part of the European technology community and have worked with governments, legislators, and organizations on protecting the online sphere.


Our decades of experience in the IT Security and Open Source Software communities allows our team to use the hacker’s own methodology to detect, stop, and prevent cyberattacks.

4Securits cybersecurity solutions

Dectar leverages the cybersecurity community to keep your company safe

Dectar is part of the global cybersecurity movement that is deeply committed to the sharing of information, awareness, threat intelligence and promoting best practices across all businesses and institutions. 

Dectar solutions are designed by cybersecurity professionals with decades-long experience in the field. We are experts at fending off cybercriminals and have strong ties to the cybersecurity community.


Security Operations Solution

Dectar’s ACSIA SOS has unique threat prediction and detection capabilities, empowering your team’s ability to defend your organization from cyberattacks.

Such a unique solution is redefining the cybersecurity industry on its own, thanks to a much higher level of protection compared to the now outdated endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems.

ACSIA SOS comprehensive offering provides an automated and intelligent solution for your business’ cybersecurity that anticipates cyber criminals’ malicious intentions for increased protection, whilst saving on your IT resources.


Automated Cyber Risk Assessment

ACSIA CRA analyzes a company’s cyber posture, focusing on the exposure of its assets, services and information that may be vulnerable to cybercriminals’ malignant intentions.

ACSIA CRA behaves similarly to malicious software in the analysis’ phase of the attack on the target, which is the best possible course of action in such situations – the system analyzes impartially but it is also smart and “thinks” like the enemy.

It will provide crucial information over time that will make you fully aware of the countermeasures you will need to take in order to keep your company safe through time.

What Dectar’s clients say!

Dectar is here to help your business stay safe. Our team is orientated to our clients’ needs with Dectar accompanying our clients through the process of our software’s acquisition, installation and maintenance.

“ACSIA SOS is like having a skilled cyber security engineer 24/7 and we are now able to capture the status of our digital security at a glance and take all necessary steps to protect ourselves.”

Joe Brannigan
Chief Operating Office
MCN Media

“We had a great experience using ACSIA SOS from the very start when we deployed it as a Proof of Concept, through to deploying it across our entire infrastructure.”

Christian Ferranti
Chief Information Officer

“ACSIA SOS fills the gaps between security systems that are often siloed… this is proving to be a much more effective solution than what we had previously and has even simplified our staffing resources.”

Roberto Guglielmi
Chief Information Officer

Commercial partnerships with Dectar

Dectar’s ACSIA technology has unique threat prediction and detection capabilities. Our solutions are what your clients are looking for.

Dectar is looking for like-minded services and solutions partners across all geographies. We operate a tiered partnership model depending on the partnership relationship most suitable for your company.

Come work with us!

Dectar is building a collaborative work environment, where employees can test their skills and achieve their goals in the exciting field of cybersecurity, taking control of their careers. Dectar is deeply committed to the creation of a company that promotes sustainability, with our fully remote work environment, allowing our employees to enjoy full empowerment and ownership in their daily work.

The company looks for and hires the best professionals in their own areas of expertise, focusing on capabilities and cultural fit as well as progress in their career paths. Unlike many other tech companies, 40% of our employees are women and we are constantly looking to meet new candidates who embody our principles.

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