Careers at Dectar

Passionate about safeguarding people, companies and institutions?

Dectar is growing and needs committed professionals, in various fields, to contribute to the expansion and promotion of cybersecurity worldwide.

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Our mission at Dectar

To develop unique cybersecurity solutions for every size and type of business, providing unmatched prediction and detection capabilities paired with tight defense and fast response. Our goal is to enable any IT infrastructure to stay safe and hidden from cybercriminals.

Dectar is deeply committed to sustainability

With our fully remote work environment, we provide a high level of empowerment and ownership to our employees in their day-to-day work. We hire motivated professionals at the top of their game, with the right expertise for the organization’s current and future needs.

In addition, 40% of our employees are women, which is much higher than the industry average. We are always ready to meet talented people interested in propelling the company forward.

The current cybersecurity challenges experienced by companies and institutions contributed to the creation of a European hub for cybersecurity, which Dectar is a part of. The bright future of cybersecurity (and therefore of European cybersecurity companies) makes Dectar a great place to put your skillset to work. Come and develop your career here!

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