The cyber risk assessment your business needs

ACSIA CRA analyzes your organization’s security level, identifies potential vulnerabilities and calculates your cybersecurity rating, so you will have a clear understanding of your cyber risk.

Your ACSIA cyber security assessment is on its way!

A win for audit and compliance

ACSIA CRA performs a comprehensive analysis of a company’s cyber posture, focusing on the exposure of its services and information that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Why choose ACSIA CRA?

Quickly identifies external risks

ACSIA CRA promptly checks the cybersecurity posture of your company, documenting your external attack surface, highlighting how your business may be at risk.

Deep visibility of your attack surface

ACSIA CRA uses multiple sources to scan your public attack surface. ACSIA CRA’s analysis is not limited to the external perimeter but also includes digital identities.

Constantly updated

If new vulnerabilities are discovered, ACSIA CRA’s index automatically updates allowing your team to actively monitor your perimeter.

Easy to use

ACSIA CRA only needs simple and easy to find information or inputs to identify your company (VAT and web domains).

Facilitates improvement

ACSIA CRA identifies mis-configurations, helping your team to improve security policies about account and device usage.

Clear information

ACSIA CRA’s dashboard is easy to understand with informative dashboards and reports suitable for non technical stakeholders.

ACSIA CRA at work

Check your business exposure

check your business exposure with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

ACSIA CRA assesses the IT security of your public facing assets, analyzing risks and documenting the status of your business cyber security.

ACSIA CRA conducts passive scans to map and enumerate vulnerabilities. Our risk assessment provides your business with a clear picture of where issues, exposure or security weaknesses may lie.

Discover and map your security posture

discover and map security posture assets with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

Scan thousands of assets

scan thousands of assets with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

You can quickly detect any potential exposure of your company’s assets. ACSIA CRA scans your public attack surface performing thousands of tests. It behaves similarly to malicious software in the analysis phase of cyber attacks on the target.

ACSIA CRA’s risk assessment is summarized in an index that considers six analysis clusters. This analysis produces a score from 0 (unsafe) to 100 (safest).

Track progress over time

Get cyberrisk scorecards with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

Know your risk exposure

know your exposure with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

Your ACSIA CRA’s score represents an overall indicator of the level of risk. Our results are derived from an analysis of the potential exposure of the organization’s assets to cyberattacks.

ACSIA CRA reports provide insight into a range of issues and common vulnerabilities that criminals may spot and exploit to carry out cyber attacks against your business. Empower your team to deal with, and fix vulnerabilities on your organization’s public attack surface, assets and infrastructure.

Identify vulnerabilities

identify vulnerabilities with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

Document improvement

document and audit compliance with ACSIA CRA from 4Securitas

Regular scans document how you are improving your ACSIA CRA’s score over time. Demonstrate your company is being proactive for audit, cyber insurance, legislation, GDPR, and certification. Prove that your team is actively working on improving your cyber security.

How does ACSIA CRA help your business?

Step 1

Just input your data

Identify the company to be tested with a few easy to find parameters.

① Enter the VAT number (mandatory).

② Enter one of the following: web domain, URL, e-mail or IP.

Step 2

ACSIA CRA collects information

Allow ACSIA CRA to measure hundreds of variables  from OSINT, HUMINT and CLOSINT sources.

The system will go through search engines, social media and test a plethora of potential vulnerabilities.

Step 3

ACSIA CRA analyzes

Performs an assessment and provides an overview of the potential risk of cyber attacks.

The system will show you the security status of the IT assets, digital identities and an analysis of the overall security posture.

Step 4

ACSIA CRA reports

ACSIA CRA provides you with a detailed report and a cyber-risk score/index

You will be presented in-depth results of your security situation and the risk’s level will be automatically updated when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

ACSIA CRA is as effective and simple as cybersecurity gets

bullet pointACSIA CRA’s analysis is performed by an automated system that searches for vulnerabilities, leaks, misconfigurations of servers, infrastructures and more.
bullet pointACSIA CRA behaves similarly to malicious software in the analysis’ phase of the attack on the target.
bullet pointACSIA CRA’s search system ensures complete coverage and an unbiased point of view on local networks and configurations.
bullet pointAll variables collected are analysed and compared with the data already in the ACSIA CRA’s database of thousands of companies.
bullet pointThe IT posture of each asset is analysed and correlated to possible threats.

Super easy to use and get started

ACSIA CRA is simple to use and easy to roll out. It requires little intervention and has a high degree of automation. That will make your life easier.

ACSIA CRA easy to use security

Top features of ACSIA Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA)

General Features

FeaturesSMECompanyEnterpriseMSSP SmallMSSP
Update Frequency
The frequency of ACSIA CRA scans which will be performed and reported on
Every 2 weeksWeeklyWeeklyMonthlyWeekly
Monitored Companies
Number of companies or domains that a user can add and monitor
Monitored Assets per Company
Maximum number of discovered assets (i.e. IP addresses) or domains, including network, per company
Monitored Vendors
3rd party supplier monitoring

Checking features

FeaturesSMECompanyEnterpriseMSSP SmallMSSP
Asset Discovery
A discovery of the external facing company’s assets requiring, in terms of input, only the company’s internet domain
Asset Checks
(Web, IP, DNS, …)
CyberThreat Intelligence Extended
Further intelligence and analyses, such as the company’s past situations in terms of breaches, hacks or data’s exfiltration

(for MSSP partners)

(for MSSP partners)
Full Security Rating and Executive Summary
web interface
Executive and Full Reporting
in PDF

Curious about what else ACSIA CRA could do for your business? Take a deeper dive into its features.

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