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A trip organized with the collaboration of Enterprise Ireland launched Dectar’s arrival in Poland for a debut in a promising market, in both the public and private sectors. What follows is a kind of travelog of an experience that will change the company forever.

Day 1: Meetings with The Irish Government

The Dectar’s delegation, led by CEO Stefan Umit Uygur, was hosted at the residence of the Irish ambassador to Poland for a working lunch, where many representatives of Irish government institutions were present, such as Enterprise Ireland and the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, the latter with its highest representative, Minister Dara Calleary.

During that event, Dectar presented its plan to enter and consequently expand into the Polish market. In particular, the company addressed the opportunity to consider this market as a gateway to access all neighboring countries in Eastern Europe.

In the evening of day one, the Dectar’s team attended a business dinner and reception with over one hundred people. This event was attended by the same personalities who had participated in the lunch and by many representatives of the Polish public and private sectors. 

Minister Calleary then sponsored the formal entry of several Irish companies, including our own Dectar, into the Polish market.

Day 2: Digital Transformation and Ministry of Defense

During the second day, the Dectar’s delegation, also composed of Agni Zygner from the commercial department, met with members of the Polish Ministry of Digital Transformation, where they saw a demonstration of the capabilities of the new cyber solution ACSIA CRA (Cyber Risk Assessment) by Dectar’s

This solution analyzed, assessed and showed the exposure of all Polish government departments and fed back on their cyber security situation.

The Dectar’s team then also introduced its main cybersecurity product, a step forward for all XDR (Extended Detection & Response) solutions: ACSIA XDR Plus

Following these demonstrations, those in attendance showed considerable interest in both the analysis and safety solutions (CRA and XDR Plus, respectively), and the various parties will keep in touch for future fruitful collaborations in the domain of cybersecurity.

Next, there was a key meeting with top Polish Ministry of Defense and local cyber experts, where Dectar hosted another demonstration of ACSIA CRA, analyzing the cyber risk exposure of Polish military departments.

Those in attendance were extremely impressed with the presentation and showed strong interest in possible future collaborations with the Dectar team and its cybersecurity solutions.

Conclusion and Other Considerations on Our Expedition to Poland

Dectar is inherently oriented toward sowing the seed of collaborative work and spreading the ideal of “community” in developing cybersecurity solutions via the promotion of cyber awareness at all levels.

For these reasons, Dectar’s trip to Poland was more than just a step forward in its business expansion, but also an opportunity to spread the importance of broader concepts such as the need for a European-wide cybersecurity policy, “open source” programs as a basis to work on, the benefits of being in close contact with a cyber community oriented towards security, not forgetting the need to support both small and large enterprises and institutions, which will then be able to prevent, defend and react. 

Of great importance was the contribution of Irish Senator Gerard Craughwell, who made it possible for Dectar to make this trip so crucial to its expansion and played a key role in organizing the meetings at the two ministries mentioned above. 

Dectar, through its CEO Stefan Umit Uygur, is working closely with the working group headed by Sen. Craughwell, whose main goal is to “increase national cyber resilience, cyber awareness, create new jobs and new services for the many cybersecurity companies that have decided to establish themselves in Ireland.” 

That group is working on the document that will guide the drafting of Ireland’s National Cybersecurity Plan, drafted by the CEO of Dectar himself.

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