A strategic partnership to unify IT security with Meptagon Group’s Operational Technology

4Securitas and Meptagon Group sign a strategic partnership to unify IT security with OT

Dectar, an innovative European company developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of cybersecurity and Meptagon Group, an independent integrator that provides industrial and advanced manufacturing solutions for a worldwide market, yesterday signed an agreement to integrate their industrial OT (Operational Technology) solutions with the Dectar Cybersecurity platform called ACSIA XDR Plus.

Ireland will be their first market to launch this unique innovative solution

This partnership addresses the distinct separation between automated manufacturing & process engineering systems and the absolute need to incorporate cybersecurity at every level within these production environments. Protecting critical infrastructure and large manufacturing operations from cyberattacks is a growing but essential challenge for Governments and Businesses around the world.

Maintaining critical services and protecting global supply chains has never been so challenged as in recent times, with politics, regional conflict, and financial extortion being key motivational drivers for cyber criminality. Integrating advanced XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) cyber defence capabilities into operational technologies is a significant step to eliminating these threats. Meptagon Group and Dectar are excited about the opportunities this partnership creates for both companies, and that there are very significant benefits for market operators with this collaboration.

“As part of our increasing activity in the Irish and wider European market, it is very important for us to find the right local partners with the correct technology that will fit commercially and culturally with Meptagon and our customers. With Dectar, we have found a company with great cybersecurity technologies, an ambitious attitude, and innovative core strength which is a great match for our business. We have established a great relationship with Stefan and his team and are excited about this partnership and look forward to offering our unique solutions to the Irish and European markets, which we believe has the potential to make Ireland a world leader in this area.”

Miki Lavi – Chief Business Officer, Meptagon’s Advanced Technologies Division

“Dectar is experiencing phenomenal growth in new markets and this partnership with Meptagon is a great example of entering markets by collaborating with one of the world leaders in Operational Technologies to address new opportunities together. The OT industry needs real-time cyber protection capable of sustaining and protecting the automated networks used to control physical processes and critical infrastructures from cyber-attacks. Meptagon is an excellent partner for us, their depth of experience and proven capabilities are key attributes for us coupled with their professionalism and eagerness to work together, a combination which is refreshingly invigorating to work with. We are delighted with this partnership and the opportunity to deliver cybersecurity protection into new and old OT environments with Meptagon.”

Stefan Umit Uygur – CEO and Co-Founder, Dectar

About Meptagon

With its HQ in Israel and as part of its globalization strategy, Meptagon Group continues to invest in Ireland as an important strategic market, following the setup of Meptagon Ireland and the acquisition of the Cork-based BMD, which made it an IDA company. Meptagon has naturally evolved to a leading OT (Operational Technology) Cybersecurity unique top-quality solution, using its deep expertise and connections in Israel’s cybersecurity space – people, products, etc. Meptagon has successfully delivered Cybersecurity OT projects for various clients including critical infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring via its SOC OT, OT simulators for academic & training purposes, and more.

About Dectar

Dectar is an innovative European cybersecurity firm focused on proactively preventing cyberattacks as well as protecting the critical data at the core of every organization. With offices in Ireland and Italy, the company develops ACSIA XDR Plus (Automated Cyber Security Intelligence Application), an Extended Detection and Response solution, that includes Threat Intelligence and Anti-Surveillance protection as a unified XDR product. Dectar delivers a highly evolved and advanced level of cyber protection across hybrid cloud infrastructures, with real-time remediation of threats and automation at the core of our design.

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