Case Study: Coeclerici Group

Coeclerici SpA was founded in Genoa (Italy) in 1895, and for over 125 years has been a world leader in the commodities market for iron, steel and the Chemical sector. Today Coeclerici SpA operates two business divisions, in the commodities sector and in a separate Trading division which has three manufacturing facilities and six industrial brands including LaemSystems, Deltamatic, Goebel IMS, Kasper, Rotomac, and Detlamould. Coeclerici SpA with global operations in twelve countries and across four continents.

“By leveraging innovative predictive and proactive threat defense technology, Dectar’s solution puts businesses like ours ahead in this new age of harmful threats.” 

Roberto Guglielmi – Chief Information Officer, Coeclerici


As Coeclerici SpA diversified and expanded operations globally, the nature of client demands became more complex and customised. The business embraced new technologies and offering new and exciting services to our customers through technological advances and online services. These services also attracted the unwanted attention of cybercriminals and the increasingly sophisticated methods deployed in attacking digital infrastructure. Securing customer and supply chain data is vital for Coeclerici and as a trusted brand we will always dedicate ourselves to protecting the data in our possession.

Criminals are continually innovating new ways to execute internal and external attacks, adopting increasingly intelligent technologies to breach networks. To better defend against this next-generation risk and identify emerging threats early, Coeclerici requires in-depth visibility of its digital infrastructure.

The company possesses a number of standard security products including anti-virus software, web gateways and event management tools, but were concerned that they were all reactive solutions which failed to anticipate security weaknesses proactively. In addition, many of the tools provided inadequate analytics on the threat levels being experienced by the business.


The company evaluated a number of products over a few months, performing a ‘Proof of Concept’ on a short list of vendors to validate their effectiveness under multiple test scenarios. Our analysis confirmed that ACSIA SOS not only reduced the number of attempted cyberattacks being detected, but it was highly accurate correlating and remediating threats that emerged during the trial period.

Coeclerici chose Dectar’s ACSIA SOS platform because of the proactive threat intelligence capabilities within the product, coupled with the clear analytics and real-time threat detection and remediation capabilities of the solution.


Within days ACSIA SOS has reduced the number of threats being detected on our platforms whilst at the same time we identified suspicious behaviour in the network which had potentially serious implications. ACSIA SOS is now fundamental to the Corclerici SpA cyber security strategy. Another major benefit is that ACSIA SOS only flags genuinely suspicious events rather than bombarding security personnel with false positives, allowing Coeclerici to prioritize and optimize its resources more effectively.

ACSIA SOS review

“ACSIA SOS fills the gaps between security systems that are often siloed, provides very clear analysis and remediation actions, this is proving to be a much more effective solution than what we had previously and has even simplified our staffing resources.” 

Roberto Guglielmi – Chief Information Officer, Coeclerici
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