Case Study: MCN Media

MCN Media is Europe’s leading specialist in live streaming multi-denominational religious services to audiences worldwide. Typically, they deliver 500,000 church services a month, but over the course of lockdown that rose dramatically. For example, more than 12 million devices from 43 different countries linked into services broadcast via webcam from churches on the first Sunday in April 2020.


The Covid-19 pandemic impacted churches which had to close for months to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and protect the communities they serve. Many religious orders, with the help of MCN Media, ensured that their congregations both at home and abroad could still participate in an online streaming of religious services. Over the most difficult months of the pandemic, a steep increase in the live streaming of services being held behind closed doors into the homes of worshippers was recorded. This increase in traffic coincided with a surge in DDoS and related cyber attacks.

MCN Media had also moved a lot of their infrastructure to the Cloud and needed a security solution that suited their business needs. Another key challenge was that they would have to manage an implementation in a challenging environment – no site visits were permitted during lockdown and budgets were tight.


After evaluating a few options, the MCN team contacted Dectar and quickly saw the value of ACSIA SOS which provided real-time threat intelligence that automated time consuming security analysis with a full monitoring, profiling, identifying and mitigating of cyber security incidents.

The Dectar team assigned a virtual team (due to the pandemic) and within a few hours were providing assistance and guidance on protecting the MCN data and streaming services as well as input into hardening their cloud infrastructure.


ACSIA SOS was implemented remotely in less that 1 day and the results were immediate. DDoS attacks stopped and multiple cyberattacks including viruses and ransomware payloads were identified and remediated with no data loss.

ACSIA SOS is simple to operate and requires no onerous training requirements and proved very cost competitive to some of the alternatives that were originally evaluated.

ACSIA SOS review

“We’re a typical SME. We’re great at what we do – recording and broadcasting in real-time but had limited cyber security skills to address the threats a digital media company faces today. ACSIA SOS was the perfect solution – cost effective, quick and easy to implement and simple to use.

Other solutions in the market were completely out of our budget and would have needed a dedicated member of staff to manage them. ACSIA SOS is like having a skilled cyber security engineer 24/7 and we are now able to capture the status of our digital security at glance and take all necessary steps to protect ourselves.”

Joe Brannigan – Chief Operating Officer, MCN Media
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