Life at a Cybersecurity Start-up

How it Started

Beyond striving for excellence, securing companies’ infrastructures, securing funds and organizing everchanging activities, life at a cybersecurity start-up is something truly worth telling about.

The story of Dectar goes back to 2017, when two like-minds willing to change the landscape of cybersecurity in Europe, decided to partner and create a brand new project.

Stefan Umit Uygur, the cybersecurity evangelist behind publications such as “Penetration Testing with BackBox”, partnered with Donal Kerr, a legal, trust & safety expert with long tenures in regulated industries.

The duo got together based on creating products capable of elevating the performance of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and institutions and making them accessible to a diverse range of organizations, tailoring them to their needs and sizes – no matter how complex or big the IT infrastructure is, Dectar has a set-up that can help secure it.

What makes a good project to start with

One essential item, when funding a cybersecurity start-up or project, is the philosophy behind the products’ engineering. 

In Dectar the project was and still is based on a few, uncommon pillars that set it apart from the mass:

  • “Think like the enemy”: utilize cybercriminals’ viewpoint and tricks to develop software that fends them off;
  • Leverage the community of cybersecurity experts and pundits to get people together to develop better solutions for a diverse range of clients;
  • Collaborate with real cybersecurity experts capable of thinking outside the box to craft better products;
  • Share insights and learnings to also help others fend off cyberattacks.

A start-up is an interesting place to be. And when it comes to cybersecurity, it is even more stimulating: the whole organization is fresh and new and committed to fighting cybercrime with all its resources.

Of course, the aforementioned resources are limited for some time, and that means that everyone at any time must help get stuff done to uphold the promise of protecting companies from cybercrimes.

In the history of Dectar there have been plenty of different happenings along the way, from its promising foundation, passing through struggles and efforts, and the will to make it, at any cost.

It never gets boring at Dectar and keeping businesses and institutions safe, starting from scratch, may seem like a daunting mission but the team is eager on taking up difficult challenges. 

The story continues…

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